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Explore Trality: A Comprehensive Review with Trading Fees, Referral Programs, and How to Trade Cryptocurrencies! , you’ll learn everything about this popular crypto exchange, including its trading fees, referral programs, how to trade cryptocurrencies, and more!

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With the aim of providing automatic, algorithmic trading to everyone who needs it, Trality was established in 2019 by Moritz Putzhammer and Christopher Helf in response to the turbulent and often unpredictable crypto market. Trality is a trading bot creation platform based on the Python application programming interface(API) that is appropriate for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency traders. It is best for Cryptocurrency traders who want to automate their strategy. The Rule Builder and the Code Editor are the platform’s two primary tools.

✅ Tools for both coders and non-coders alike
✅ End-to-end encryption
✅ User interface that is interactive, friendly, and based on graphics
✅ The system that is entirely cloud-based
✅ Trality doesn’t take any fees from your trades.
✅ When you create a bot, your IP is protected.
✅ Trality strives to provide all users with the assistance they require.
✅ High security of your information.


❌ Popular exchange options like FTX and Binance.US are not available.
❌ No mobile app still today.

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Trading bots function by interacting directly with exchanges and automatically placing orders. By keeping an eye on market prices and movements as well as following your predetermined guidelines, they decide what to do or which action to take. By providing the trading bot with their API keys, exchange users grant the trading bot access. You must use two keys to inform the exchange that you have granted bot permission to access your account and execute trades on your behalf.

  • The Code Editor: You can create your trading algorithm with Trality Rule Builder without having any prior coding knowledge. You can modify your system using the graphic user interface to use Boolean logic. All you have to do is drag and drop the desired technical indicators.
  • The Rule Builder: You may also develop your trading algorithm or cryptocurrency trading bot using programming codes thanks to Trality’s in-browser Python code editor. Advanced Python programming skills are necessary for this option. Therefore, if you are already familiar with programming in Python, it is appropriate for you.



How to claim exclusive sign up bonus from our referral code

One of the main reasons is that Trality is so well-liked as a referral code/affiliate program; as was already noted on this website, it offers the lowest costs. When you create an account, you are essentially given a unique affiliate referral code or link. With this code, you may create a referral link and share it with friends and other users.
Those who create new accounts through the Trality referral link will get free backtesting. Users can use the referral incentive by clicking the link or using the referral code. Consequently, you will get free backtesting.
The “Referral Code” area will be immediately filled up in your browser when you utilize our link or referral code, so there is no longer any difficulty. To finish the registration procedure, just follow the following steps.
Please note that you may use either of the two accessible methods—email or mobile—in conjunction with your Trality referral code. Only a small number of trade bots offer both advantages; therefore, Trality stands out from the competitors due to its adaptability.
Make sure you have read and understood all of the T&Cs before continuing. Before you start your trading adventure with them with joy and satisfaction, ensure you are fully aware of all the terms.


Trality offers its customers four different pricing tiers. The maximum monthly trading volume, tick interval, number of crypto trading bots, and log retention vary between each of the four pricing packages.

PriceFree Plan |  9.99 | 39.99 | 59.99 / per month
Payment OptionsVisa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Diners
Exchange SupportBinance / Kraken / Coinase / Bitpanda
  • Trading volume quota: The total volume of all your bots, which includes all executed buy and sell orders tracked in their fiat currency equivalent on a monthly basis. You’ll receive a warning once 80% of your quota is used. If you exceed your quota, the system will only process sell orders to liquidate open positions.
  • Smallest tick interval: Your plan specifies the lowest tick interval at which your bot can execute trades. Trality supports intervals of 1, 5, 15 and 30 minutes; 1, 6 and 12 hours; and 1 day.
  • Live and virtual bots: This row specifies the number of live and virtual bots that can trade in a funded or demo account respectively per pricing plan. Note that a single bot can run on multiple tick sizes and use different trading strategies applied to multiple trading pairs.
  • Log retention: Bot logs can be used to debug actions taken by your bot at specific points in time. Trality stores log for a certain time in most plans or for an unlimited time in the most costly plan.

Unfortunately, death and taxes are the only certainties in life. Trading bots provide their users with a number of benefits, but they cannot ensure earnings.

Any trading activity on the cryptocurrency market is ultimately done at your own risk because it is so speculative and highly volatile. Never invest more than you can afford to lose—this is the cardinal rule.


Security is important. To maintain the security, stability, and integrity of all of its systems, trality uses the tightest security protocols. Trality doesn’t subject your money to any risks aside from the considerable market risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies and the potential for a bug in the algorithm’s code because it stays deposited at your crypto exchange.

  • Sandboxed user strategies: you will always be the sole creator and owner of your ideas while creating and testing your bots because all of your tactics and algorithms are entirely sandboxed and created using a browser. In order to maximize your privacy and data security on our platform, full end-to-end encryption ensures that your IP address is entirely your own. In fact, it’s an essential component of our purpose and helps us draw in the most talented and effective bot developers.
  • Cloud-based ecosystem: Since everything is completely cloud-based, you can be sure that your bot will run round-the-clock, every day of the year, never missing a deal! As a result, you won’t need to set up, manage, or plan any additional security precautions for your own trading servers. We take care of all the research for you!
  • Advanced firewall protection: You can be confident that our firewall is strong enough to defend all of our systems against a variety of harmful assaults, ones that may impair uptime, security, or consume an excessive amount of resources, thanks to the quality and dependability of our web service provider (such as the case with DDOS attacks). Although we regularly conduct battle tests to strengthen their security, our systems have been tried and proven, and we are confident in their longevity.
Major features of Trality
  • Completely cloud-based for 24/7 trading :

Trality is unique from the majority of its competitors in that it is actually cloud-based. When it’s time to trade, you can directly deploy your bots onto their cloud after fully developing and testing them through your web browser. The key benefits of this include quick and simple access to your crypto trading bots without the need for extra hardware or software to set it up and run it.


  • Rich documentation :

Trality places a high priority on its thorough and understandable documentation. There was no time during our Trality experience where we had to search through a messy, disorganized bunch of instructions. Every time there was a question, we immediately located the relevant entry in the documentation, and it always provided the answer.

  • Supported exchanges:

The list of supported exchanges is given below:

    • Binance
    • Kraken
    • Coinbase Pro
    • Bitpanda Pro
  • The Marketplace

The first marketplace for trading bots has been created by them. Professional Python programmers may build market-beating trading bots, win over devoted fans, and make money, while fans can benefit from years of knowledge by mirroring trading bots without having to write complex algorithms from scratch. Trality’s Marketplace will be a top one-stop shop for developers and crypto enthusiasts to create and share custom trading bots, whether you’re a bot creator or simply interested in following market-beating bots. Each Creator is chosen with care, and they are in complete control of their bot and its underlying algorithm. For everyone, dependable, safe automation.

Verdict: Should you use Trality?

Trality is a fantastic platform with lots of promise. The product comes with everything a real bot creator could possibly require. If you are a programmer or an experienced trader, all you need to do is sign up and you will intuitively know what to do. Trality is unquestionably not your standard, generic bot-trading platform, but its versatility and flexibility may be the greatest in the business.
To really give your bot the edge when it is competing on exchanges, the in-browser Python code editor comes with a ton of libraries to take from and work with as well as special order kinds.
Additionally, they have the useful Rule Builder, which enables non-coders to take advantage of many of the same fantastic capabilities as coders.


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Why We Recommend:

✅ Tools for both coders and non-coders alike
✅ End-to-end encryption
✅ User interface that is interactive, friendly, and based on graphics
✅ The system that is entirely cloud-based
✅ Trality doesn’t take any fees from your trades.
✅ When you create a bot, your IP is protected.
✅ Trality strives to provide all users with the assistance they require.
✅ High security of your information.


❌ Popular exchange options like FTX and Binance.US are not available.
❌ No mobile app still today.


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