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Explore Cryptohopper: A Comprehensive Review with Trading Fees, Referral Programs, and How to Trade Cryptocurrencies! , you’ll learn everything about this popular crypto exchange, including its trading fees, referral programs, how to trade cryptocurrencies, and more!

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Trading in cryptocurrencies has become more democratic nowadays. Anyone with an internet connection can now learn how to trade and start building their own portfolio. Trading is no longer just for the 1 percent. Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading robot. The goal of Cryptohopper is to make cryptocurrency trading simpler for traders of all experience levels, so they can take advantage of trading opportunities, increase their profits, and minimize their risk of losing money. Cryptohopper seeks to empower traders by offering a user-friendly, feature-rich solution that enables users to quickly trade numerous cryptocurrencies without being affected by human frailties.

✅ Cryptohopper is supported on most major exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken etc.
✅ You can synchronize your account across various exchanges.
✅ It is especially user-friendly for beginners with readily deployable pre-existing rules.
✅ Its Copy trading feature enables novice traders to trade like professionals.
✅ It has a feature called “Backtesting” in which prior to use, strategies can be tested.


❌ You have to pay for extra signals

Table of Contents

Features of Cryptohopper

Demo account

Before using real money for live trading, users can open a free demo account and practice trading. This feature might boost your confidence in the procedure and the prospective rewards if you are new to crypto bots trading.

Mirror Trading

This is related to the CryptoHopper marketplace, which offers both free and paid options. In essence, you can copy the trading methods of experienced traders. You can purchase their signals, tactics, or templates. Templates are typically provided as an addition to strategies and would include their choice of coins, configuration settings, etc. The technical indicators and parameters that makeup strategies, are created and reviewed by approved traders, are what your bot will use to decide when to buy and when to sell. Signals are notifications of a coin that may be rising in value, and you can pay for a third party to provide you with investment advice.

Paper Trading

You can trade without having any cryptocurrencies or an exchange account using paper trading, which is included for free with every package. You can experiment without actually incurring any risks by depositing up to $100,000 of any cryptocurrency to test out fresh strategies. You can use your paper trading strategy on an actual trading bot after you are satisfied with it.

Strategy Designer

You can develop your own technical analysis and obtain the best buy and sell signals from your strategy using the more than 130 indicators and candle patterns available in the CryptoHopper strategy creator. However, most traders prefer to utilize the visual designer to drag and drop indicators to establish a strategy rather than editing the plan, which is an option. The strategy can then be loaded into their backtesting tool to determine if it produces reliable buy or sell signals. You can apply it to your actual trading bot after you’re happy.

Automatic Trading

Automated trading, a key component of CryptoHopper and all trading bots entails your bot trading continuously. In an effort to make a profit, it applies data and makes use of the settings and tactics you have made to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. Automated trading performs trades at a moment’s notice whereas a human is more likely to miss the opportunity because it runs continuously and tracks all coins at once.

Trailing Stop Loss

The Trailing Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Buy, and Trailing Stop Short tools from CryptoHopper are a trio. If you set a trailing stop loss, your hopper will activate a stop loss once you have made a specified profit or, alternatively, you can sell an asset if its value falls by a specific amount. By following the price down and placing a buy order at the first indication of an uptrend, the trailing stop buy strategy makes sure you buy before the market starts to rise once more. The converse is true with a trailing stop short; it tracks the price down and closes the short as soon as the price starts to rise.



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Before continuing, make sure you have read and comprehended all of the T&Cs. Make sure you are completely aware of all the terms before you begin your trading adventure with them with joy and satisfaction.


In order to reduce the impact of volatility on their total trade, investors can use the well-known approach of dollar cost averaging to make frequent purchases of a certain asset over time.

Supported Exchanges

In the case of trade bot technology, exchanges are essential since, even with the best working conditions, a bot may not operate if it does not support widely used exchanges. A further degree of relevance is added by the relationship between the supported exchanges and the quantity and variety of cryptocurrency coins that are available.16 of the top exchanges are currently supported by Cryptohopper. Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Poloniex, OkEx, HitBTC, Bitpanda Pro, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and numerous other platforms fall under this category.

Get started with Cryptohopper

Creating an account is a straightforward process. The main page includes a green “Signup” tab at the top of the page

  1. Create an Account

To register, go to the Cryptohopper website and fill out your name, email address, username, and password. After that, you can access the dashboard by clicking the activation link in the email that was received to authenticate your email account.

  1. Setup your Account

From this point on, you can just follow the wizard’s instructions to swiftly configure your hopper. You only need to choose an exchange, configure the bot using the API keys for your chosen exchange, and set up the basic hopper configurations. There are links to tutorials and other helpful material on each step, and the procedure is fairly simple. Once you have completed the procedure and set up your account, you can access a variety of functions from the dashboard and can begin using your hopper right away. You can set up two factor authentication on your account, create templates, start backtesting your bot, and subscribe to signals.

  1. Signup to Signallers on the Marketplace

Users of Cryptohopper can sign up for integrated professional external signals that are offered by skilled traders who watch for evidence of an upward trend. Both free and paid subscriptions are offered, and it only takes a few clicks to set up bots to track signallers. Signallers employ cloud computing and machine learning algorithms to constantly monitor a variety of technical indicators across a range of digital currencies. They also have easy access to performance data and can measure their profitability.

Along with putting up stop limits and trailing stops, it is feasible to combine buy signals with technical analysis indicators simultaneously.

Is It Safe?

The fact that Cryptohopper does not handle your money is probably the most crucial point to remember about its security. This is due to their integration of your exchange with decision-making via API. A bot that you’ve set up on Cryptohopper “decides” to place a transaction, and when it does, instructions are sent to the exchange for execution.

Our research found that Cloudflare’s web application firewall protects Cryptohopper’s website against DDoS attacks. Additionally, Amazon Web Services hosts it.

No publicly available proof that the security of Cryptohopper has been compromised has been discovered.


There are three primary pricing tiers available, but Cryptohopper also offers a “Pioneer Plan” free trial that lasts for seven days.

Users don’t need to provide any payment information to sign up and start utilizing the service. The hopper is automatically disabled after the trial week, at which point customers can choose to pay for a full subscription. Anyone who wishes to sign up can expect the following plans:

  1. Pioneer Plan: Free Trial for 7 Days
  2. Explorer: Starter package ($19 Per Month)
  3. Adventure: Trader Plus Package ($49 Per Month)
  4. Hero: Pro Trader Package ($99 Per Month)
Verdict: Should you use Cryptohopper?

A workable method that enables traders to make a profit more consistently has been created by Cryptohopper to be made available to the larger cryptocurrency community. Traders have more options thanks to the combination of technical indicators, third-party trading analysts or signallers, and the template and backtesting tools. The platform includes several tools that all its users may use to their advantage and is ideally positioned to assist new and more experienced traders. We advise you to check them out because they have an excellent reputation, are professionally designed, and are simple to use.


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Why We Recommend:

✅ Cryptohopper is supported on most major exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken etc.
✅ You can synchronize your account across various exchanges.
✅ It is especially user-friendly for beginners with readily deployable pre-existing rules.
✅ Its Copy trading feature enables novice traders to trade like professionals.
✅ It has a feature called “Backtesting” in which prior to use, strategies can be tested.


❌ You have to pay for extra signals


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