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Last Updated: November 28, 2022

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OKX is a cryptocurrency startup that provides a range of extra services in addition to a cryptocurrency exchange. Users can access the Seychelles-based exchange from all around the world, although it is noticeably unavailable in the US. For international cryptocurrency traders wishing to purchase and sell with minimal exchange costs, OKX can be a viable option. OKX was established in 2017 and continues to have offices all around the world in addition to its Seychelles headquarters. OKX is the 18th-largest cryptocurrency exchange on the globe by volume, according to CoinMarketCap. In more than 100 countries, the website claims to have over 20 million subscribers. Regulatory and compliance issues prevent them from accepting customers from the United States. One may quickly purchase cryptocurrency with an OKX account using a card, bank account, or mobile wallet. It occasionally provides very high yields when using the staking or storing features. It supports a lot of different currencies and offers a wide range of services, despite not being the biggest cryptocurrency exchange around. OKX could be the right choice if someone wants to manage all of your bitcoin activity with a single login.


✅ It provides new chances for income

✅ Nexo provides Security with transparency

✅ Nexo requires several features and services for users of cryptocurrencies

✅ Users can use Nexo’s crypto banking services to obtain fast fiat loans by using their cryptocurrency assets as collateral


❌It has some complicated systems

❌There are no advantages without investing in the native token

❌There are programs that are restricted by region

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OKX features:

A Huge Range of Cryptocurrencies is supported.

We couldn’t list every supported cryptocurrency in our OKX review because there are over 300 of them. The overall number of currencies on the exchange is 343.

Simple trading interface.

Like many sizable cryptocurrency exchanges, OKX provides both a trading platform for basic to experienced traders and a straightforward trading form that is ideal for newcomers. Simple and clear basic forms are provided for purchasing and converting cryptocurrencies. This is advantageous for those who want to purchase their first Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any supported cryptocurrency but are new to the market.

Different pricing tiers.

By dividing currencies into various pricing tiers, OKX takes account holdings and trade volume into account. The maximum fee for spot trades is 0.10%. Discounts may be available to high-volume traders and individuals with sizable holdings in the OKB currency. Options, swaps, and futures all have unique rate schedules with different fees. The fact that OKX withholds information about withdrawal and deposit fees is a significant drawback. Even while OKX is largely transparent, hidden costs are a warning sign that you should consider using another trading exchange with transparent fee schedules.

Industry-standard security practices.

For the majority of customer assets, OKX uses cold storage along with other industry-standard security procedures. Additionally, it provides features like the option to set up a password for withdrawals and anti-phishing codes.

Resources for education vary from beginner to expert.

You can find a ton of instructional videos and tutorials for beginners on OKX’s website under the “Learn” section. In addition, OKX offers the chance to become an OKX broker along with timely publications and industry analyses.

Liquidity mining provides access to new Defi projects.

One of the fastest-growing applications of smart contracts and blockchains is decentralized finance or Defi. Liquidity mining is a major force behind this expansion. Here, users can passively earn a decentralized protocol’s tokens in exchange for their liquidity services. In comparison to staking, the yield from liquidity mining can be very substantial. Through staking OKB, the ecosystem token of OKX, you can farm Defi tokens as part of the Jumpstart Mining campaign.

Earn little Bitcoin amounts every day.

Additionally, OKX features a distinctive loyalty program that honors the consistent use of its mobile app. The app posts five brand-new “learning missions” each day that calls for reading an article or watching a video. Each task results in the user receiving 50 Satoshis, or about one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin, for completion. The rewards can be exchanged for an equivalent amount of Bitcoin on OKX after the player achieves 10,000 Satoshis, which can then be retained, staked, or traded.


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Make sure you read and understand all of the T&Cs before proceeding. Before you start trading with them, it’s time well spent investing.

Why choose OKX over other Earn Platforms

a) Low trading fees for the majority of trades. Trading commissions begin at 0.10% and drop as trading volumes or stakes in OKX’s currency, the OKB token, increase.

b) High-interest staking opportunities. Possibilities to stake specific cryptocurrencies and earn an annual interest rate greater than 100%.

c) Cryptocurrency is simple to purchase with a card, bank account, or digital wallet. With a credit or debit card, bank account transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other compatible methods, you can purchase currencies in a few clicks.

d) They provide a mobile app.

e) They give tech support and always communicate through online chats.

f) They have online resources.

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What may be the deal breakers for OKX

a) Users in the US are not permitted to use. Users in the United States cannot access OKX due to legal and compliance requirements.

b) Low liquidity for several currencies. Despite being a top-20 exchange, certain currencies trade with little liquidity.

c) Mixed feedback from previous customers. Poor customer service and money lost is mentioned in some evaluations.

Is OKX safe?

To preserve the privacy of its customers’ private keys, OKX’s hot wallet technology employs numerous layers of security, including Risk-management tools that are both online and offline, Semi-offline services for digital signatures, and Risk-reduction strategies for big data. Prior to being posted to the blockchain for confirmation, all user-asset deposits and withdrawals require multiple risk-management processes. Even if physically attacked, OKX claims that its semi-offline servers cannot be compromised. This is due to the fact that a customer’s private key is kept on a transient memory file on the server rather than a regular hard drive. Hackers are practically unable to gain access because of this.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), the standard technique for enabling digital computers to communicate over great distances, is not used by OKX. Instead, in order to avoid an online attack, this communication is carried out through a unique network communication protocol that is a private, mostly offline service. Last but not least, there are numerous emergency plans for backup private-key activation in various places.

Verdict: Should you use OKX?
OKX, being one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, has achieved the trust of Millions of consumers. It is a quick and simple way for cryptocurrency fans of all levels to buy, hold, and exchange hundreds of well-known cryptocurrencies with reasonable trading costs. However, it would be wise to move cautiously given some contradictions, hazy information, and previous client experiences. To keep your account and funds as secure as possible, make sure you’re utilizing the greatest security measures that OKX has to offer. You’ll probably enjoy using OKX if you’re at ease using online financial services and adhere to security best practices. One should use OKX if they don’t reside in the United States, they’re searching for a complete offering of trading and financial services based on cryptocurrencies, they’re interested in investigating cryptocurrency mining or liquidity mining as passive income sources, they appreciate the concept of a cryptocurrency exchange that features a native currency and completely integrated wallet.

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Why we Recommend:

✅ It provides new chances for income

✅ Nexo provides Security with transparency

✅ Nexo requires several features and services for users of cryptocurrencies

✅ Users can use Nexo’s crypto banking services to obtain fast fiat loans by using their cryptocurrency assets as collateral


❌It has some complicated systems

❌There are no advantages without investing in the native token

❌There are programs that are restricted by region

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